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Shungite for regenerating water 

Methods to disinfect water

The most common method to disinfect water is to boil it. This oldest of all methods indeed kills bacteria, but at the same time it increases the concentration of nitrites, salts and heavy metals. Besides, some of inorganic components do not break down after the boiling process. Water, after boiling, becomes somewhat useless for human organism. It is very important, especially for child development, to use the right kind of water. Another widespread method to clean the water is the use of chlorine to do the disinfection. However, scientists have proved chlorine harmful for the human body since it produces organic compounds, some of which are carcinogenic.

What is Shungite Water ?

The healing benefits of shungite water date back to 18th Century Russia with Peter the Great. Peter constructed a shungite spa for his soldiers after noticing that his men who drank water from a nearby spring, which ran through the shungite deposit, recovered faster than normal from illness or injury.

Since that time, many compelling studies have shownh potential health benefits from shungite water. For example, cancer patients who drank shungite water during radiation treatment had their blood panels return to normal in two to three weeks, whereas the control group took three to four monthsYou can read more about shungite research in my special report, Shungite: The Electropollution Solution.


Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Water from Lake Onega in Russia, can be used for drinking without any prior cleaning! It is the result of thousands of years of interaction with Shungite. Commercial use of Shungite filters started back in 1990’s, during that time there were conducted many experiments and studies on Shungite influence on the human body. Scientists came to conclusion that Shungite water is absolutely non-toxic. It was also proven that shungite water can be used without any prior boiling! The water has strong antibacterial ability. During the experiments, water was contaminated with streptococcus of groups A and D. Experiment showed that only after half an hour in Shungite water the concentration of streptococcus group D decreased by the factor of 100 and group A by the factor of 900! Shungite cleans water of various chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, cleans up visually dirty water, eliminates sour taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, chlorine, enriches drinking water in potassium.

Shungite water science shows fullerenes are effective in very small doses with benefits that can last for months. Among potential health applications:

Cardiovascular disease

Kidney disease

Liver disease

Pancreatic disease

Gastritis and dyspepsia

Gallbladder problems



Allergies – antihistamine

Chronic fatigue

Arthritis – anti-inflammatory

Daily use of Shungite water to wash face or body improves elasticity of skin, gives it a healthy look. Also it helps the drinker to get rid of acne, skin redness and other skin problems. Shungite water helps with hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and heals the scalp.


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